Top Best Self Defense Products For Your Self Defense Kit


Nowadays, crimes are rampant everywhere and it can be a scary world out there especially for women who are always victims of sexual assaults and harassments. In order to protect yourself from external traumas and threats you have to guard yourself and the best possible solution to that is through self-defense.

Not everyone has the luxury to learn self-defense combat, yet the best way to safeguard yourself is by owning a self-defense kit which has numerous products that ensure the safety of your welfare.

To give you a clear look as to what are the basic stuff inside a defense kit enumerated below are the following self-defense products that should be in your defense kit.

Having knives are quite risky, never bring a product that you do not know how to use because the worst case scenario is when the attacker uses it against you. This is why you have to purchase hidden knives which can actually be incorporated in pen form or in a comb. No attacker would anticipate that coming their way.

A stun gun is a lot cheaper compared to those of tasers, however, the downfall to this product is you have to get to a close range before you can activate it. There are also stun gun batons available that has a much further reach than those of stun gun alone.

Pepper spray is the most common and most easy to use product of them all. It is a quick defense mechanism that could be shot from a long distance rendering the attacker to see and breathe. There are also pepper sprays include UV marking dye making it easier for the authorities to track down the assailant. Check Scotsman Shield to learn more.

Personal alarm helps scares the attackers since it draws attention to the both of you. It is incredibly loud making sure that the people nearby can hear it. Not to mention the fact that it takes quite some time before warming up giving the element of surprise the attackers would never know coming. Check Scotsman Shield  for more info.

To wrap this all up, it is better to be safe than sorry because of the fact that most times when people have their guard down, the bad guys take advantage of that and do not let that happen to you. Purchase these self-defense products to ensure your safety as well as to be able to defend others. Visit for other references.


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